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Best way to build quality backlinks

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Build quality backlinks

After surfing in many SEO forums, I realized that many webmasters don’t have any knowledge about SEO or any links building methods. They keep creating many threads in many forums just for asking how they should build link to their site, or what the best link building methods to their site I was very disappointed and keep wondering why they don’t learn about SEO before they start to build a website.
Anyway, today I am going to show you my best links building methods and my own rules when creating backlinks to my site.

Exchange Links

 Did you know that Yahoo, Bing and Google rely heavily in quality things. There are quality content, quality domain, quality On-page SEO, and of course quality backlinks. Most people build link on high PR blog or forums, but they forget about an important thing is that ‘relevant’. A relevant backlink is more effective than 20 non relevant ones. It will be my first rule when building links. If you receive an offer exchange link with others, please check if their site relate to your site or not. If not, deny it. Else, please check these three things:
  •   How many outgoing link on that page?
  •   Does that page link to many kind of sites?
  •   Is it easy to access to that page via Homepage

Link building methods

But if your site is new and no one wants to exchange link with you. Then, you can do one way link building. I will suggest you to hire some SEO companies to do it for you with a reasonable rate. What if you don’t have fund to hire companies, then I will give you a free option to build one way link.

  1. 1. You will have to identify your competitors and their sites.
  2.   2. Then go to Yahoo search engine, type in: “” – remember to replace your competitor’s URL in the term.
  3. 3. After hitting Search, you will find many link back  to your competitor’s site.
  4. 4. Click on them one by one, and gathering all links that relevant to your site.
  5. 5. You are now surely have a list of sites that relevant to your blog.
  6. 6. All things left to do is send an email to those sites, and propose them to exchange links with you, don’t forget to write a good proposal email that can make them interested with your offer. Or if you don’t want to do these above things, you can use directory submission, relevant blogs and forums to get some backlinks to your site.

Unfortunately, almost 80% of requests will get rejected because your site is new and don’t have any PR or your PR is low. So if your site is still new, I think you should build backlink with directory and blog submission first, after those backlinks are updated, then your site can get PR 3 or 4 if you have 100-150 link backs with them. Then, you can now build link with the method I mentioned above.

New way to build link

There is another method that I have been using for many years, it can help me build hundred backlinks within 30 minutes although I don’t have much knowledge about link building. Why I should build links manually while I can do it automatically. I think you understand now, I build links using an automatic backlinking tool, this software is SENuke Xcr created in 2011 by Joe Russell and Areeb Bajwa, it’s one of the most powerful SEO software that can help you build links automatically...Click here to read full review about this software

senuke xcr review

But after Google Zoo updates, SENuke is now losing its position in many SEOer’s eyes and they stop using it. For me, it’s not the problem, I’m still using SENuke Xcr until now and see it really cool and powerful. The reason is that because I have my own secret strategy to master SENuke Xcr, and now I'm going to share it with you. The product has been launched on 6th March and I'm having a copy of it in my computer, SENuke Inferno has a great approaching to SENuke Xcr that even make SENuke’s staff members surprise and excited. For me, it's the greatest SENuke's guide in the Internet that I've ever seen so far. If you have any interested in the product, read my full SENuke Inferno Review in my blog for more information.

That’s some of my strategy when building link back to my website. Hope you find it helpful and enjoyable. You may want to:

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